Rowenta DW9080 Steamium 1800-Watt Steam Iron Review

rowenta dw9080 iron

You’ll no longer dread the tedious task of ironing when you pick up the smartly designed Rowenta DW9080 Steamium 1800-Watt Steam Iron.

The 400-hole soleplate is constructed of stainless steel and coated with thin silicate for easy gliding across all fabrics. The iron includes steam force technology to deliver 30 percent more steam as well as other useful details such as vertical steam and steam-on-demand functions.

With a thin-nosed tip, you can easily reach into small spaces to ensure wrinkle-free clothes any day. The Steamium is ergonomic, attractive and packed with features, making it enjoyable to use.

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Rowenta DW9080 1800-Watt Steam Iron Specifications:


  • Power: 1800-watts
  • Dimensions: 11-2/5 x 5 x 6 inches; 4.4 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited one-year
  • Cord Length: 7-inches with 360-degree pivot
  • Features: LED display, 400-hole soleplate, fabric-select dial, anti-drip system, vertical steam, 10-4/5-ounce water tank, three-way shut-off, steam on-demand, burst-of-steam function, cool-spray-mist function



What’s So Great About the Rowenta DW9080 Steam Iron?



The Rowenta Steamium doesn’t fall short on features, making this iron one of the most versatile on the market. There is a fabric dial for selecting the appropriate material such as wool, cotton or synthetics, one-touch controls for temperature and steam and an LED display. To make ironing more efficient, there are both burst-of-steam and cool-spray-mist functions, and the iron includes other thoughtful details like a large water tank, ergonomic triggers and handles and vertical steam for reducing wrinkles in hanging items.


Thoughtful Design:

The Rowenta Steamium has a well thought out design that aids in its performance and efficiency. The 400-hole platinum soleplate is coated in stainless steel and then further coated in thin silicate for easy gliding. Even tiny crevices like in between buttons and along seams can be reached thanks to the high-precision tip. The trigger is comfortable to reach while the handle reduces fatigue placed on the wrist and hands.


Steam Technology:

Without the steam force technology included with the Rowenta Steamium, the iron wouldn’t be what it is. This technology is exclusive to the Steamium and forces 30 percent more steam into fabrics using a pump injection method. This higher amount of steam is what removes the most stubborn of wrinkles from all types of fabrics. To aid in this steam force technology, the Steamium also produces vertical steam for hanging garments and burst-of-steam functions for releasing the most steam possible. Steam can also be adjusted on-demand thanks to the variable steam functions.



Ironing is a task that requires careful attention, but it’s not uncommon to get sidetracked and step away from the ironing board. The Rowenta Steamium has built-in safety features that will prove useful if you are to step away and forget the iron is on. The three-way automatic shut-off will switch the iron to the “off” mode if it’s left in a vertical position for more than eight minutes. If the iron is left in a horizontal position, it will shut off after 30 seconds, and the same if the iron happens to be tipped over. These added safety features are perfect for homes with kids and pets.


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What’s Not So Great About the Rowenta DW9080 Steam Iron?



The Steamium has been known to leak water, and this isn’t that uncommon of a problem. For some people the issue has only been with minor leaks, but for others, the leaking has been more drastic. For example, water can come out the sides and actually flood out the lower sides of the soleplate. Even minor leaking is an annoyance since it will leave damp spots on clothing, and some reviewers have reported that the water actually left stains on the clothing. This isn’t an issue for everyone, so if you notice leaking with the iron, be sure to return it immediately.


Steam Button:

If you’re someone that enjoys ironing with continuous steam, you’ll be disappointed with the design of the Steamium. While the iron does produce adequate steam, it only does so when pushing the button. Therefore, you need to hold down the steam button the entire time you’re ironing, which can make the hands tired and fatigued if you plan on ironing for a long time. Furthermore, the steam button is located underneath the iron handle, which isn’t exactly a practical place.


Repair Costs:

The Rowenta Steamium is made in Germany, and this is a selling point for consumers who prefer not to purchase products made in China. Unfortunately, the Steamium is one iron that has needed a lot of repairs according to reviewers, and it’s very difficult to get the necessary repairs without spending a lot of money. The company expects that products are sent back to them to be looked at, and the consumer is responsible for paying. Some reviewers believe that there is a disconnect since the company operates out of Germany. If you plan on buying the Steamium, make sure you purchase it from a reputable retailer.


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Is the Rowenta DW9080 Steam Iron a Great Purchase?


The Rowenta Steamium has so many wonderful features and is one of the newest, most elite models for Rowenta.

The iron is made in Germany and has well-constructed parts, advanced technology and smart features. Unfortunately, there are still many areas where the Steamium falls short, which are why a large number of buyers haven’t been as impressed with the iron as they had hoped for.

The iron does deliver many constructive features and is rather comfortable to use if you don’t always iron with steam, but for those that do prefer an on/off button for steam, you may fare better with a different iron.

Being aware of the limitations with this iron will help you make the right choice as there are many people who find the Steamium to be just what it promises to be.

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